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Lost Ark Tortoyk second naruni hidden story's area Sweetwater Forest

July 7, 2022
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The start point is The Rocky Forest Hill Triport in Skyreach Steppe. Leave the area by the southern exit and head up the hill until you reach the Pirate Post Lost Ark Gold. There's a building on fire in the west of the area. The one in front, between the crates and the weapon rack this is the first chapter of the story.

Lost Ark Tortoyk second pirate hidden storyline location

Go to Mokoko Village. From the Triport, go west to Whistle Plaza and look for some barrels outside Cook Supiso's structure to the left of Dakudaku. Here you'll find part two of the tale.

Lost Ark Tortoyk third pirate hidden storyline location

Access to the Woodland Path Triport in Sweetwater Forest and continue north into the Pirate Den Dungeon. You must take on the challenge of getting out of Setino Tent, right through Pirate Den, and into the Excavation Site. Once there, work through all the pirates before climbing up on the wood platform. Beating everything there. The quest text should chance at 'Go further in search of the statue'. Then, take a look at the northern part of the wooden platform. There's a small piece of paper on floor, right in front of some crates. Find it out to complete this Pirate King in Waiting secret story.

Road To Becoming A Naruni Expert - Four-Part Hidden Story Location

This is a 4-part story quest that will see you explore four of Tortoyk's regions: Seaswept Woods, Sweetwater Forest, Skyreach Steppe, and Forest of Giants. After you've completed the first portion of the story, you'll be given 20 minutes to travel to each subsequent part - otherwise, you'll need to begin the story over again. The story begins within Seaswept Woods, on the jetty which leads towards your boat. When you reach the end, you'll spot the'super cute' Grey beast (naruni). Investigate it to get the first installment.

Lost Ark Tortoyk second naruni hidden story's area

Begin your journey at the Woodland Path Triport in Sweetwater Forest. Then head west towards Pirate Den and up the vines. Then, at the top, turn east. You'll be able to see another naruni along the north edge of the path prior to when you get to the rope slide. It's green, so quite very well concealed by the leaves cheap Lost Ark Gold. Click to see the story moving on to the next part.

Lost Ark Tortoyk third naruni hidden story location