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Diablo 4 test server on PC. The build of the game will be updated to patch 2.4

Jul 13
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The scaling of damage to Paladin's aura has changed: the maximum 200% can only be dealt at melee distances Diablo 4 Gold. And finally, Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heavens will start to target not only undead but also demons!

Act 1 mercenaries shall have the ability to use Amazonian bows, and will receive a +X to Amazon bonuses for skills! Act 3 Mercenaries will replace Frozen Armor with Chilling Armor. Act 5 barbarians will receive rewards from items that add +X to Barbarian abilities, but the major thing is the fact that they will have a brand new kind of them that can combine and use Frenzy as well as Taunt and Iron Skin. It is believed that it will be possible to let him give up the children of Bul-Kathos adoption?)

- Plague can be crafted by using claws/katars and daggers along with swords. But the main thing is that Infinity Obeyance, Obedience and Pride are crafted using standard and Amazonian spears!

In the new 85-level zones, the efficiency of elites will rise.

Additionally two pairs of gloves for the 2/20 Ace and a couple of failed facets, Tal Rasha's amulet, one Stormshield two Mal + Lem to treat two wounds, and more were also dropped.

- It is planned to fix a decent number of bugs, and make minor adjustments to enhance usability.

In addition, during the tests of the traditional 2.4 PTR cheap Diablo 4 Gold, the developers have made two major changes to the missile gameplay The first was that they increased the range of both arrow quivers up to 500 (there were a distinction of 350 bows and 250 crossbows) and also increased the number of throwing weapons was increased by 50%.