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Wizards have other decent Perk DaD

Apr 28
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- Arcane Mastery: Again, another cast speed reduction Perk, with a 1-second reduction in cast speed overall. Not only that Dark And Darker Gold, but this Perk also buffs the overall magic damage of arcane spells by 5 percent.
- Reactive Shield: Basically a Blue Potion in the form of a Perk that automatically triggers when the Wizard is hit. Very difficult to actively notice the benefit of, but will assuredly helps over the course of many matches.

Wizards have other decent Perk options to pick from such as Arcane Feedback and Mana Surge, but those require some changes in general playstyle and aren't as universally helpful.

What Armor Do Wizards Even Use?
Like the Rogue, a Wizard is basically clueless when it comes to Armor, all they know are Tomes and Spells, not the difference between Chain Mail and Plate Mail. Still, that doesn't mean a Wizard won't find better gear to wear mid-match. In general, Wizards tend to always be wearing some variation of:

- Mystic Vestments
- Oracle Robes
- Frocks

Of course, they can also equip any armor that isn't specifically tied to a certain class, but Wizards generally should be looking at the stat bonuses on armor for anything related to Knowledge rather than Defense.

Do Wizards Need Weapons?
When it comes to Wizards and Weapons, the two don't exactly mix well. Wizards are Spell-casters, after all, it doesn't make sense for them to also be skilled in swinging swords around.

Still, there are a few options for a Wizard if it comes to melee combat Dark And Darker Gold for sale, and there are also some options when it comes to the catalyst they use to cast Spells.