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Game is turbo hard for new players DaD

May 23
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Game is turbo hard for new players

I played like 20-30 games. Extracted ony once Dark And Darker Gold. I can barelly leave spawn. Mobs are killing me everytime. How I am supposed to fight them without meds, body blocks, traps, spiders, archers etc, cant escape to next doors without getting hit. And it's not only me, I see people dying everygame in first seconds.

I feel the devs might have to adress this, because this is the gameplay loop new players will encounter first and foremost. So if the game will be frustrating from the start, it will drive new players off. And for a multiplayer game, that is really bad (duh).

And it beomes only more frustrating with the random escape portals, of which there are not even enought for everyone. So you have the challanges of:

- fight loads of monsters with bad gear
- get some loot to sell
- getting pushed into more enemies by the circle
- extremly limited healing (since you got no money yet)
- other players, who are all trying to kill you, because there are not enought escapes for everyone so cooperation is out of the window
- actually finding an excape portal

All of this as a brand new player with no understanding of how combat cheap Dark And Darker Gold, skills and gear work.
It's un-fun and not even a challange anymore, it's a chore to get through that.